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I took a long time before reading this authors, a bit … demotivated by the summary on the back and the style of the cover. Well, I was wrong…

A large number of his books are set in the Midkemia and Kelewan realms, but are separated in several series usually according to the epoch they speak of. I do not present them all here, anyhow.

The Riftwar Saga: (Magician (Apprentice / Master) – Silverthorn – A Darkness at Sethanon) Pug was still not chosen by a master for an apprenticeship. Traditions wants that one learns the craft of his father, except when there are too many children, in which case another master with no children would take him, but when you are an orphan, what luck can you expect to find a place ? Until, by a series of coincidences, Pug saves the princess Carline, daughter of the Duke ConDoin, and his taken as apprentice by the court magician, Kulgan. That one still has many difficulties to help Pug to learn, and thinks it is because Pug is another kind of (futur) magician. After Pug and his friend THomas discover a strange ship with even stranger people inside, the Duke fears an invasion and sends a group for allies and information, with Pug and Kulgan.

The Empire Trilogy with Jenny Wurts: (Daughter of the Empire – Servant of the Empire – Mistress of the Empire)

Legend of the Riftwar with William R. Forstchen, Joel Rosenberg, S. M. Stirling: (Honoured Enemy – Murder in LaMut – Jimmy the Hand) During the Riftwar, various characters from other volumes live adventures that also allow to discover in more details the people, races, lands and events of the Riftwar

The Riftwar Legacy: (Krondor: The Betrayal – Krondor: The Assassins – Krondor: Tear of the Gods)

Krondor’s Sons: (Prince of the Blood – The King’s Buccaneer) Twenty years after the Riftwar trilogy with many characters from it, especially the sons of Arutha, the prince of Krondor. Prequel to the The Serpentwar Saga.

The Serpentwar Saga: (Shadow of a Dark Queen – Rise of a Merchant Prince – Rage of a Demon King – Shards of a Broken Crown)

Conclave of Shadows: (Talon of the Silver Hawk – King of Foxes – Exile’s return)

Darkwar Saga: (Flight Of The Nighthawks – Into a Dark Realm)


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  1. This is great and I would like to hear more about this because I read the book in English class for school. I’m glad that you can translate this into english.

  2. You get to read that at school ??? You are waaaaayyy lucky. We usually got…err… painful readings of French “Great Classics”… (or worse, Swiss classics… ugh…) ! And for more, just follow the links. I did not find a book “about” the books of Feist.

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