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It is again Scalner’s “fault” if I began reading this author 😉 Anyhow, I liked it, so…

Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn: (The Dragonbone Chair – Stone of Farewell – To Green Angel Tower) In the lands of Osten Ard live(d) humans, the Sithi, the Qanuc and many other races. Prester John, the king, conquered a large part of the humans, but he is feeble, old (by their standards) and dying, with two sons quarrelling for the land (Elias and Joshua). The story centres on the life of Simon Mooncalf, a kitchen boy taken as apprentice by the local knowledge man, except that he will soon be worried more by the coming of the “Storm King” than by cleaning duties.

Otherland: (City of Golden Shadow – River of Blue Fire – Mountain of Black Glass – Sea of Silver Light) The idea is a bit akin to the game / anime / mangas “.hack”. Stephen Sulaweyo is living in Durban, South Africa. He his suddenly found in a deep coma, which happened while surfing the web. Irene (Renie), his older sister, decides to find what happened and looks on the web for more information, where she finds various hints about a strange “golden city”. !Xabbu, a bushman technologies student, Martine Desroubins, a french woman met on the web, Susan van Bleeck, her mentor, and Singh, a tech who created Otherland, all help her to go visiting Otherland network to find about her brother’s fate. Problem is, after some events, none of them can disconnect from the net.

Shadowmarch: (Shadowmarch [- To be published: Shadowplay – Shadowfall]) The Shadowline, a strange endless mist separating the human from the Qar or fairy-folk realm, is moving south. Since any human crossing it is supposed to go mad, it is a danger to the Southmarch (or Shadowmarch). At the same time, Briony, a young prince, receives the crown as the heir was murdered, and the king is prisoner in faraway lands. The realm is in turmoil because of feuds, political manoeuvres, … and only his mother, Barrick, is here to help him. Which breaches for a difficult beginning of reign.

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