Ellen Kushner

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An original combination of circumstances: I had already bought a novel of her for 2 CHF some years ago, and I liked it, and while passing in a “famous” bookshop in our capital city, I bought another of her novels without noticing the coincidence.

Swordspoint [A Melodrama of Manners]: In a strange city where nobles fight through swordsmen for a yes or a no, the young Lord Michael Godwin, student of the university, is very strange, suicidal and mad, and his lover (or is it the reverse), Richard St. Vier, is very dangerous, a master duellist and an formidable assassin, whose services are rented at a very high price by nobles. When Michael is kidnapped, Richard implies himself in the shallow waters that the political and familial intrigues of the nobles are, instead of staying an observant.

The Privilege of the Sword: The Privilege of the Sword: Katherine Samantha Campion Talbert, Kit for her friends, is a young lady with some blue blood and no money, who lives with her mother in the countryside. Her most probable future is to wait some more years, and then to be married to a man chosen by her mother (or perhaps someone else from her family), so as to help with the financial situation (awful) and the reputation (strange) of her family. Until her uncle, Alec, Duke Tremontaine, also known as the mad Duke of Riverside, decides to make a swords(wo)man out of her, and to have her come in his household in Riverside. But is the Duke as mad and naughty as his reputation pretends ?

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