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21.21.2006 @ 23:56:25 | Midori  |   français

This new episode of the “reading ideas” concerns a peculiar “black” detective story writer, that I was lucky to get thanks to Pingi…

Garrett, P.I. (Sweet Silver Blues – Bitter Gold Hearts – Cold Copper Tears – Old Tin Sorrows – Dread Brass Shadows – Red Iron Nights – Deadly Quicksilver Lies – Petty Pewter Gods – Faded Steel Heat – Angry Lead Skies – Whispering Nickel Idols – …) Garrett is retired from the army, a veteran from the worse places, who finds himself private eye in TunFair, in Karenta, with the war at the borders of the country. And with all those girls coming to get his help, Garrett is always in danger, at least to fall in love. Hopefully, he has friends and partners in TunFair, some more appreciated than others: Morley the half-elf, dwarves, a dead loghyr, trolls, king of thieves, and so on. Well, hopefully, it is not a certainty, because some of them get him involved in shady stories…

The Black company (The Black Company – Shadows Linger – The White Rose – Shadow Games – Dreams of Steel – Bleak Seasons – She Is The Darkness – Water Sleeps – Soldiers Live – The Silver Spike – …) The black compagny is the last company of mercenary still existing, and it is already in a bad state, especially because of its current employer. But when the captains accepts to work for the Lady, even though everything she represents, is it not even a worse danger for the company ? Its doctors takes the role of narator to tell us the story of the black company.

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