Animal Crossing Wild World (DS / US ou PAL)

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(I am affraid I might get killed by Odin for advertising this game, well, it is so worthwile… the game, not Odin, he is already taken, well, he is worthwile too but you cannot buy him and… you are not following at all, are you ?… 😉 )

The same “kiddy” graphisme that was a succes in Animal Crossing (GameCube), with new decorations, insects, designs, or styles. The game is totaly fit for the double screen, and could even use one of them only (but the fact he was made for DS and not GBA is also due to wifi + tactil, more than to screen sizes…)
You can really see differences, mimics, insects, … which is really good 🙂
Kosmos et Midori
Grade: 9.5 / 10

The same amusing music than in the original, but with the same lassitude problem existing. One can compose the theme for the city (bells, …) I still feel like there are options missing, such as “music to zero, sound effects to max”. It’s nice but not perfect.
Grade: 7.5 / 10.

I needed a while before being able to use the katty….the fishing rod requires a good hear and reflexes, so no problem 🙂 The shovel is without difficulty, and the net… well… I keep getting at first try insects supposed quick and difficult, and I run after the simple and slow ones in every direction… I do not understand. Joke apart, and to judge as a “normal” person, it is not a problem. There are lots of texts, but in REAL french / english, manipulations are easy, and there is a logic behind the way it works (even if I keep hiting my door with the net instead of openning it :p )
Grade: 9.5 / 10.
Une bonne pêche

Length / Sidequests
It’s HUGE. With all the possibilities of trade (Wifi, or DS to DS), this game is infinite. Naturally, like in a MMORPG, in a way, without aditional quests / places, it will get boring after a while. But there are already: collections to fullfill. “Quests” for the inhabitants (objects to find, etc…), special tools, house decorating, … In a way it’s the Sims meets MMORPG meets pokémon… Ah, and the different local versions are compatibles ! Go visit your friends on the other side of the world…
Grade: 10 / 10.

Story / characters
It is nearing genius. Answers in the begining create your “head”. Later on, after some quests, a hairdresser offers to change your hair appearance. Cloth / accessories / hats (items) are totaly “customizable”, like the house, etc… Look above at the picture, Kosmos and I have two very different characters. Each one his or her style. Our inhabitants are differents, you can be friendly with those you like most and bother those you want out. You can decorate your house as you like (in the limit of the available items), etc… 🙂
Grade: 9.5 / 10.

In the end…
It is a Must Have amongst the DS games. And not only for girls, ooooh no. Even for the younger ones (no blood, death, …), and it can motivate them to read, and to get used to a timetable, …. For those worrying, around 20 minutes a day are enough to keep up with the weeding, pay the mortgage, catch / buy / sell things.. There are special events, but you can do without / around them, etc… There are communities specialised on the game, too, where you can find infos, catalogues, turnips cost, … I recommend l’archipel des Amazones.
Final grade: 9.2 / 10.

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4 Responses to “Animal Crossing Wild World (DS / US ou PAL)”

  1. Je crains de me faire tuer par Odin pour avoir fait de la pub à ce jeu, mais bon
    Je pense que tu as encore un peu de sursis : Odin doit avoir autant d’heures de jeu que moi 😛 !
    Lui il paye la maison, et moi je meuble (même s’il est pas toujours très content de la déco… ça promet pour notre vraie maison !)

  2. Mdr… Ouf, sauvée. Bon, si vous voulez passer dans mon village ou un item spécial que j’ai et vous pas… 🙂

  3. Fun… si on tape “Webcomic Animal Crossing”, on tombe ici en 5ème position…

    Etrange! 😀

  4. ¬_¬ No comment… enfin si: Et après on s’étonne que quand je publie les mots clés du blog ce soient des trucs pas nets ?

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