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Scalner having been very kind with my, offering me the books he had twice, I got the opportunity to read in details a serie I had had a glimpse of in one of the anthologies where Mercedes Lackey was also writing.

Honor Harrington: (On Basilisk Station – The Honor of the Queen – The Short Victorious War – Field of Dishonor – Flag in Exile – Honor Among Enemies – In Enemy Hands – Echoes of Honor – More Than Honor – Worlds of Honor – Ashes of Victory) Space Opera of which the heroin, Honor Harrington, is first captain of spaceship, and is accompanied of a strange and certainly not domestic cat. Two things tend to put Honor Harrington in deep problems: she does not accept very well when politics directs her commandment, and what is more, she dares to try new tactics, even if it offends her supperiors. All that sends her and her ship into a very strange corner of a galaxy as “punishment”.

With John Ringo: Prince Roger Saga. Voir article sur John Ringo.

Bahzell series: (Oath of Swords – The War God’s own – Wind-rider’s Oath) As some reader said, when an author you like changes his genre, there is always a slight apprehension. But this time it has no ground: if you liked Weber’s SF, you will like his Med-Fan. The Hradani are supposed to be a barbarian tribe, bloody, … but Bahzell is not exactly like that, and above all, his rank as Prince’s son, hostage by the ennemy to garantee peace made someone unique of him. Excepts that he wishes he could be “ordinary” from time to time.

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4 Responses to “David Weber”

  1. La série des Honor Harrington est une série que j’adore, j’aime aussi beaucoup son chat, ah si on pouvait avoir de tel compagnon (les mien sont plutôt du genre coup de griffes, lol)

  2. Si tu aime les … heu… animaux un peu spéciaux / chats étranges, je ne peux que t’envoyer voir les Mercedes Lackey 🙂

  3. Je les ais lu aussi ainsi que la série Pern d’Ann McCaffrey et les Cheysulis de Jennifer Robertson (où là se sont les humains qui se transforment).

  4. Héhé 😀 S’il y a d’autre (bonnes) séries que tu connais a recommander, n’hésite pas, hein….

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