Astonishia Story (PSP / PAL)

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A small rpg for PSP, directly out in Europe and as such for our French friends 🙂

Astonishia Story

An “old style” game but made with ameliorated graphics. There are eagle traversing the screen, cute bunnies, … only the wolves walk a bit like sheep, but globaly, I find the “old school” and “psp capacity” mix very cool. It is full of life and colors, in other words.
Grade: 7.5 / 10
un magasin

I like it, though I find the combat theme too modern. And there are some funny themes for some shops / people / events. A few musical lines may ring a bell, by the way… Anyhow, very nice globaly.
Grade: 8 / 10

Very easy except for one detail: the game is completely in english even for the French version. A green deplacement zone (grid), a menu (attack, skills / magic, flee, do nothing, stats [zone exploring / characters], items) to choose what to do. In the case of a skill / magic or item, what and on whom must be choosen too, there are zones for using things (for ex., the revival potions are used on the four squares around the one using it. So you need to be side by side with the corpse). Each character has MP (for skills / magic) and HP. HP to zero, the character “dies” and will not be revived prior to the end of the fight except with an item / spell. To win a fight, all enemies must be suppressed, which sometimes gives items, and always XPs. Hit from the back or side gives more dammage. The field can sometime hinder movements… There are villages, the “map”, the “dungeons” (ike grottoes, …) and fighting fields. That’s all. Very simple, but good.
Grade: 8 / 10

Length / Sidequests
I do not know up to what part I went, but with the quantity of small sidequests, magics / items / … to get, I think there is much to do. I already played around 20 hours according to the save, and I am only in the “beginning”.
Grade: 9 / 10

Story / characters
For some reason, I know that Raton will be grumbling, the village does not burn but gets… err… crunched by a dragon, in the begining of the game ^^;. Well, it is a game announced as old school, so it is logical to have to get a stolen item back for the hero. There are “jokes”, with special characters and items, that made me laugh a lot. And it is nice, there are actions / results that depend of taking or not an item, speaking or not to a minor npc. Not as bad as it seemed if you were listening to the tests by certain sites who do not like classical rpg.
Grade: 8.5 / 10
des nains, des elfes, des...

In the end…
Somthing I would like explained. When I kill bandits, I get knives, that is logical. But when I kill bears, I get a tent and harpoons. And when I kill bats, I get boomerands and a “king’s lunch box”. But what on earth DO bat with boomerangs, pray ? ^^; Joke appart, this game is for people who like Rpgs, those who want a game for their PSP and those who like the games not too bad but ruined by the critics 😉
Final grade: 8.2 / 10

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  1. je vais patché mon PSP comment fais ça?

  2. (on parle français… ah, c’est pas ça la réponse)
    Mise à jour officielle: Tu télécharge la mise à jour du site de Sony
    Mise à jour officieuse / patchs spéciaux: Tu cherche un site spécialisé PSP et tu y télécharge le prog’ a tes risques et périls !

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