Comics pas sérieux…

30.30.2006 @ 19:36:29 | Midori  |   français

And here is a fresh load of webcomics for those in need…

It begins with this story I already recomended to Kosmos since it is Tales from the band camp , about a Band and all its adventures and athmosphere:

Then, “The Devil’s Panties” offers life strips, “Famous last words”, and so on… in a students – games – evenings ambiance, very sympathetic:

Then Geebas on Parade who tells stories about a girl LARP gamer… yes, Live action Roleplaying game…

The Noob is for all MMORpgs players, from WoW to Guild wars, including Dark Age of Kamelot 😉

Sunday at 10 is also game oriented, but more rpg or P&P rpgs. Did you ever ask yourself about what the female hero of your rpg was doing during her holiday ? This is the opportunity to discover that:

You all know a rent-a-DVD shop with the guy mad of fantastic movies, the girl who looks like the only normal person there, the little genius taking care of video games, and so on…well, Please Rewind, that is so !

That is all for today, good reading…

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  1. J’aime beaucoup Geebas! J’ai tout lu! ^^ J’ai jamais fait de GN, mais j’adore. ^^

  2. Ouééééééé, les archives de Angst Technology sont disponibles, enfin ^^; (

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