Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King (PS2 / US)

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(While this game is distributed with the demo of FF XII, it is the game itself, an Old School RPG that I find interesting, and that I will present her… a presentation with as few spoilers as possible)

A cell shading of excellent quality (compairing for example to Zelda TWW), with characters with various facial expressions, changing clothes, … even the mouse / hamster of the hero is detailled, and above all, when Jessica travels in light outfit… she really is ^^; (the game is still rated T, especially with some monsters with very suggestive movements…). Very few problems (like a character in a wall, … and beautifull sunrise and sunset effects. Grade: 9 / 10

It is funny, because the main theme for the world map (by daylight) is close to “Gone with the wind”, but the overall impression is good, the symphonic style soundtrack is very nice. Some cursed place’s music is very sad, and I only find that one music for combat is not enough (for normal fights). Grade: 9.5 / 10

The fights are 100% done with menus, with time stoped during the choices, it is very easy; each character has MP (magic, some skills), HP (err…), caracteristics (for ex. agility to determine who acts first, etc… ), and special skills, the first going up automaticaly at each level, while skills get a fixed quantity of points to distribute as you like it. There are usefull things (Zing to bring back to life, Whistle to call monstres, Zoom to go back in already visited places, …) other less useful, but in a general maner, it is well balanced. A very classical RPG in fact. The only problem is that you can only save in “churches” and there is no sudden save (to stop playing and begin again where you stopped, but by erasing the instant save, like in Golden Sun, …). Grade: 9 / 10

Length / Sidequests
There is a system to create your own items / weapons / … that will send you looking for very strange things (rennet powder, garter, … ^^:; ). There is a secondary quest where you have to collect mini medals (and that is when Yangus’ skill sniff is really usefull… “There is one treasure left here”… except he should just be more precise about where ^^; ), collectible “monstres” (easy to spot, they are visible on the world map, contrarely to the other), and son on. And the game itself is already very long and abundant. Grade: 9.5 / 10

Story / characters
Hm, well, the main character is mute as usual, but that aside, the other characters (only met or in the group) are great: Yangus who jumps each time the king (transformed in something akin to a toad-man) appears, with a “Blimey !”, Citan having a mouse / hamster / Idonotknowwhatspecieitis in his pocket, the girl “disguised” as a dancer, Angello flirting, and I do not cite them all. The story is original at some extense, the basic idea is simple: the king was cursed, and you are a guard, the only “surviving” from the curse, so it is up to you to accompany him in his journey to find the culprit who created the curse. Beware not to die of laughter because of the puns on some monstres’ names or appearances ^^; Grade: 9.5 / 10
Angello's flirt

In the end…
Excellent game, a must have in your game library, anyhow. A small trick ? if, when looking for a boat with your four characters, you have problems to get money, jump to Warrior’s labyrinth, and stay near the writing just before the place where you fought the final monster, and use Whistle with Yagun… Very good rate Gold / XP, and you have infinite healing / MP ^^; Final grade: 9.3 / 10

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5 Responses to “Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King (PS2 / US)”

  1. Je confirme, un très bon jeu même si je n’y ai pas joué directement ^^ Ben oui, j’ai regardé ma moitié y jouer c’est tout 😛

    Ce jeu mérite entièrement sa note supérieure à 9 ^^

  2. Oui, ce jeu est vraiment excellent, je le conseille vivement à tout le monde, d’autant plus qu’il est prévu en PAL au mois d’avril, ce qui est une bonne nouvelle. 😛
    La musique, les graphismes sont magnifiques, et ce jeu est une pure merveille de dépaysement!

  3. Les figurines en résine sortent bientôt, d’ailleurs…

  4. Moi non plus, j’y ai pas joué, mais pour avoir vu tourné et pour avoir subi… euh… reçu les commentaires de Mido en ce qui concerne toooooooooous les trucs sympa qu’on peut y faire…. J’attends la sortie pal avec impatience, surtout qu’elle va être remastérisée exprès pour l’Europe! 😀

    Et puis… Il y a aussi ZE raison qui me pousse à vouloir ce jeu… Ceux qui me connaissent devient déjà, je suis sûre… 😉 Eeeeeeh oui, c’est Angello! On dirait un mix de Trunks, de Citan et de Delsus, en passant par quelques autres “ingrédients”! Tout ce que j’aime chez un perso masculin, cumulé sur un seul. ^______________^

  5. Voilà, après 6h de jeu (et au moins une dizaine de mort de l’équipe) je redonne mon avis…

    Ce jeu est grandiose, seul défaut majeur: il est long (ouais, j’suis pas un geek fini qui joue toute la journée… malheureusement) et il faut faire pas mal de level up régulier pour pouvoir avancer…

    A recommander absolument… si vous ne savez pas quoi acheter comme jeu, prenez celui-là!!!

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