Mario Kart DS (NDS / PAL)

26.26.2005 @ 18:21:16 | Midori  |   français

Yeah, I received many nice presents for Christmas (champaign, dragon, chocolate, mohair scarf, … a PSP 😀 and Mario Kart DA). So here is for the test of the last thingie… 😛

Far enough to play, differenciate the floors, avoidobstacles, … and even the map (tactile screen) is in a good quality. Grade: 8 / 10

It is clearly DS music, and even more, MarioKart music. But still the game gets by as it propose the original music for the “nostalgy” circuits (GameCube, N64, …) and it is always that kind of musics that makes you move… Grade: 7 / 10

I must admit I still have problems with the turbo drift, but it is not the game’s fault ! The commands are easy. Pad for turning and to send items forward or backward, the a to accelerate, b to decelerate, L to send items / activate them, and R to drift and activate turbo drift… Even for the Ambisenestrious that I am, it is possible. Well, that is, I do not succeed wonderfully either 😛 Grade: 9 / 10

Well, 2 x 4 groups of 4 circuits in 3 categories (50 ccm, 100 ccm, 150 ccm) = 96 circuits to play, of which a part must be found first, karts and characters to find, too, multiplayer game, “fight” games, missions, … Do not think this game is finished in a short while. Grade: 8 / 10

The DS once with the Mario Kart cartridge can hook to any Wifi network, including mine even with its hidden SSID, its cryptage and its address mac selection (here for more details about Wifi), to play through Internet around the world ‘^^;
It is still well done, especially in accepting so many special settings for Wifi, and to allow up to three sets of settings if you play in various locations.
To use the upper screen for the race and the lower for the map is excellent. You have to blow in the microphone to fill balloons, etc… Grade: 9 / 10

In the end
Many good things, so, for a game that could be unnoticed at first. And a good use of the network capacity. A must have, in my opinion, even if my taste is more to “Rpgs” basicaly. Final Grade: 8.2 / 10

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