Lunar Dragon Song (DS / US)

19.19.2005 @ 23:05:03 | Midori  |   français

I almost called it the “replacement wheel game”, because I use it sometimes to fill gaps (in the bus, while waiting on another game, …), but it is not so awful that it may seem.

For a DS game, it is not bad at all. There are some very successfully rendered monsters (The Ice Mongrels, for example), and the characters look nice, even during fights / movement. And you can differenciate correctly the environements. Grade: 8 / 10.

Well, I do not listen a lot to DS games musics, but it is nice. Not more… Grade: 7 /10

Gameplay / fights
Well, the “guiding” is easily done with the buttons or with the stylus on the screen’s side. Fights are either totaly automated (reason why I use this game to fill gaps, while waiting, part of the time, it plays alone…), or on choice (between attack, magic and object). Default of the fights: you can not choose which monster will be attacked. It is ordered by the game. I like the acces to the menus with the stylus (err… fingers) on the tactile screen. Grade: 7 / 10

Sidequests / length
Well, there is an infinite quantity of “jobs” to do, but… at the same time, it is not real sidequest. The game is linear enough, while the system of choice for fights (Althena Conduct Mode to win XPs, item mode to get items. If you completely “clean” one zone in Conduct Mode, you can the open a blue box that may be in the zone, and win a (usualy interesting) item. Grade: 8 /10

History / Characters
Here, two possibilities: either you do not know any other Lunar, and you discover a hero a bit original, explorer style, who tries to explain to everyone that in the world, they can all live together without bloodshed. Or you know other Lunar games, and know there is Althéna, the goddess, and especially… dragons ^_^ But it is nice anyhow. Grade: 7 / 10

In the end
I would not at first classify this game in the “must have”, but at the same time, I tone that down with two reasons: it is a nice RPG for the DS with use of the touchscreen, and there are dragons 😛 Final Grade: 7.4 / 10

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3 Responses to “Lunar Dragon Song (DS / US)”

  1. Mouais, faut que je le finisse, moi! 😛
    Pour l’instant je le trouve sympa, mais sans plus.

    Kosmos, difficile. ^^;

  2. Un bon jeu en effet ^^
    Fini et ficelé comme il se doit 😛

  3. Problème problème…J’ai battue le dragon rouge…mais où sont les autres!!!Jsuis bloquée!!!Où y a-t-il quelquun qui a le guide pour complèter le jeu?
    Écrivez moi à merci

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