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Yes, the game is just out in its PAL version (translation not too awful for what I saw of it…), so do not wait 😛 Still, it is far more “tactical” than RPG, so it is going away from the Tactical-RPG, but there are still reasons that make me leave it in the RPGs category.

It is not a really evolved graphism, especially for battle grounds / discussion backgrounds, but it is not so bad, and animations for fights / story come out very well, in fact. And you can personalize the weapons’ colors for “tailor made” equipment. As for weapons icons, they are easy to differenciate, which is, for the combat system, a real “plus”. And I like Titania, so… 😛 Grade: 6 / 10.*

I like the music style a bit martial for fights, very light and / or folk for the story, the themes fit to the events, and even if it is a bit repetitive, it is nice. Grade: 7 / 10

Gameplay / fights
The system is very easy to use, and at the same time very complete, but since there are tutorials for each special action, and each unusual unit, it is not a problem. For example: swords are strong agains axes, which are strong agains lances, which are strong agains swords. A triangle. Same thing for magic: fire > air > lightning > fire.
Each character can use one or more weapon type, can have up to four at the same time, and each weapon has a range, an efficacity level, a weight and a critic level, and, important, a quantity of possible uses (for example 35 for a normal weapon, 10 for a special or hard to find weapon, …), that when attaining zero gets the weapon to disappear.
By choosing carefully the equiped weapon (for back strikes), the attack weapon, the character that can move to the right place… according to the adversary, one can so maximise the effects of attacks. And each blow gives XPs, as well as HP losts, and some special actions (healing for priests and clerics, …) which allows the characters to evolve. Grade: 9 / 10

Sidequests / length
During the “missions”, some characters / units can be recruited (by speaking to them with the right person, or doing the right action, or…). It is nice and does not break the storyline. About the length, I think it is very reasonable, knowing I still did not make it to the second third of the game, apparently (though I also played less than I would have liked to, so…). Let us say it is not “too short”, and it is possible to do the game in easy, medium and hard setting, and to do it again in another setting to test other strategic ideas. What is more, apparently it is possible to transfer a game or missions on the Fire Emblem GBA cartridge once the game is finished on the gamecube. Grade: 8 / 10

History / Characters
Well, the hero is not a the head of the others in the begining, but through some things his father says, or some events, it is possible to guess things ar not normal. There are characters for whom one absolutely wants to know what it is about, and in the main characters, very “nice” ones… (yes, all right, I admit I do classify Titania in these, but she is not the only one… Hint: find the pegasus… 😛 ). I like it, and for people who have read Mercedes Lackey, you should like the story, think about Kerowyn… Grade: 9 /10

In the end
If you had some hesitations between GBA and NGC, no doubt, it is that last one you need. I find it better (on all acounts). The first GBA version had not story unity, and the second I did not test in details, but… Still, the NGC version also forgot about that silly idea to get you as a foreign tactician here to help and give advice. Here you are “in” the game, and can identify to characters, … Final grade: 7.8 / 10

*Small precision: if it is not below 5, for me, it is good enough…

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  1. Ca m’a l’air pas mal du tout, mais je vais d’abord finir mon Dragon Quest VIII. 😛

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