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Yes, I know, those are Dragon stories AGAIN, thank you… come on, I can’t help liking that 😛 And

Dragonvarld: (Mistress of Dragons – The Dragon’s Son – Master of Dragons) If you thought that dragons were bad and agressive toward humans, you are mistaken. But that does not mean they never thought about being so… especially for human flesh, for the worse of them. And dragons that attack the humansseemall to be of the same group and come of the same place.

Darksword: [Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman] (Forging the Darksword – Darksword Adventures – Doom of the Darksword – Triumph of the Darksword – Legacy of the Darksword) When one is born without any magic power in a world where it is the most important thing, what should one do ? How to go on in life ? Joram chooses to flee, and to join Saryon, who practices forbidden arts and sciences, and above all, who created Darksword.

Dragonlance Chronicles: [Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman] (Dragons of Autumn Twilight – Dragons of Winter Night – Dragons of Spring Dawning – Dragonlance Chronicles – Dragons of Summer Flame) Dragons are back at Krynn, setting the whole continent into danger. The group trying to save the world is only composed of Tanis Half-Elven, Sturm Brightblade, Raistlin Majere, Caramon, Flint Fireforge and Tasselhoff Burrfoot. Will it be sufficient to face the menace of dragons ?

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  1. Et il y a maintenant un moody adapté aux dragons :->

    Si quelqu’un veut s’amuser à en faire d’autres… 😉

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