Vercingétorix, le gaulois moustachu…

29.29.2005 @ 16:56:49 | Midori  |   français

I saw a very interesting documentary on La 5e, about Vercingétorix, and especially his iconography (paintings from Alésia, his sculpture in Alise-Sainte-Reine (F), very propably the place where Alésia took place, amongst others)

It is in such documentary that you see that painting an historical scene several centuries later, with unacurate literary and historical information for bases, is a very bad idea. Example: the horse. If Vercingétorix did really arrive on horseback, he would have done it on a small Gaul horse, almost a poney, and not a big arabish horse.

Also, the fact he throws his weapons near the feet of Ceasar (and not “on” his feet 😛 ): do you realy think that the guards and security around Ceasar would have allowed his main ennemy come near him fully armed, knowing he was desesperate ? Like “yeah, he is going to try to kill him, but it is all right…”

Archeologists and historians are agreeing on some other points, too: many mistakes come from mistranslations of Ceasar’s War of the Gaul and misinterpretation of archeological datas, easy to spot for example in the fact that Ceasers calls Vercingetorix an Adulescent. It does not mean he is a teenager, that is a translation misttake, but just that he is too young for official political carreer, under 30 years old 🙂

Well, I am not going to tell you the whole story, and they will probably air it again, so…

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  1. Il va etre tout plat a force

  2. J’ai pas tout compris au gag moi… Mais quoi qu’il en soit, s’il repasse, je le regarderai volontiers.

  3. C’est parce que lui aussi est plat…

    (ils risquent de repasser!)

  4. Ah ? c’est son jour de lessive ?

    Bon, ok, je sors —> [ ]

  5. qui est plat ???

    ça m’a donné envie, ton petit billet, là… bon, va falloir que je me procure un journal TV, moi (absolument pas gagné…), passqu’à partir de demain, a plus le oueb de nouveau 🙁

  6. Ha Eagle… enfin quelqu’un qui comprend les gags complétement 0

  7. La ChoseVerte: t’en fais pas, il est pas le seul, à mon grand désespoir…. 😛

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