Patricia C. Wrede

18.18.2005 @ 13:18:40 | Midori  |   français

Some easy fantastic books (it is for parents as for children) with lots of dragons, strange princesses, sorcerers and witches, …

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: (Dealing with Dragons – Searching for Dragons – Calling on Dragons – Talking to Dragons) Princess Cimorene has a big problem: she does not like at all what a Princess is supposed to appreciate (silly talking, clothes, hairdressing, …) but on the other hand she likes a lot philosophy, latin, fencing, cooking and various other skills or knowledge deemed very “unprincessly” by her parents. Desperate, she decides to take refuge by dragons to get some peace, but it only increases the number of princes trying to get her hand (and half of her father’s kingdom) by killing the dragon of whom she is the official princess…


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