Katharine Kerr

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Some more reading, but for people fluent in english, as these texts are a bit complex.

[By the way, I updated the post on Diana Wynne Jones as well as the reading ideas page]

Deverry: (Daggerspell – Darkspell – The Bristling Wood (Dawnspell) – The Dragon Revenant (Dragonspell) – A Time of Exile – A Time of Omens – Days of Blood and Fire (A Time of War) – Days of Air and Darkness (A Time of Justice) – The Red Wyvern – The Black Raven – The Fire Dragon – The Gold Falcon (in progress)) The complet cycle concerns an universe where souls are reincarnated, even many times, and follows especially one character, Nevyn, magician and able to see through Wyrd/s, and tu use Dweomer. But his own Wyrd, his destiny, in a way, is completely entwined with the Wyrd of Blaen and Brangwen. And he obtained some things from the gods, but to a very high price (not at all monetary).

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5 Responses to “Katharine Kerr”

  1. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! !
    Désolé, c’est plus fort que moi. Je vois enfin quelqu’un qui connais Deverry dans ce monde de brut monolingue.
    Mais voici une grande nouvelle (en attendant la sortie des prochains tomes en 2006) :
    J’ai vu que les livres devaient sortir en français courant Novembre aux éditions Mnemos.
    Vive Deverry !

  2. Ho 🙂 Il y a donc des gens qui lisent ma rubrique idée de lecture 🙂 Ben… bonne lecture ^_^

  3. Eh ben pas moi….

  4. oui mais toi tu n’aime pas lire les livres 😛

  5. Ce qui me fait penser… Si tu les recommandes, ça veut dire que tu les as? Tu pourras me les prêter quand j’aurai fini les Mercedes Lackey? :> J’ai enfin commencé la trilogie Vows and Honor. Faudra que tu me passes le reste à l’occasion. 🙂

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