23.23.2005 @ 20:07:57 | Midori  |   français

Today, my husband had his “day with the people I am working with”, and all of them went to play some Swin-Golf.

Whatsthatthing, are you going to say. Well it is a kind of golf, but with only one golf club a bit… pyramidal-strange , and a soft ball bigger than usuall golf balls. itr is for everyone who can / accepts to walk a bit, it is outside, and it is certainly better for the brain and the body than some of those “drink tours” in certain buisiness;-) And it is cheaper than golf: 18.- / person…

So we will certainly go together there so as to try for myself, and he wants to finish the whole round (they had not enough time to finish it…) 🙂 A name to remember… Swin-golf

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2 Responses to “Swin-Golf”

  1. C’est vrai, c’est très sympa, j’avais fait une partie ys’a environ, mmmmhhh, 4 ans

  2. Original, je ne connaissais pas. 😛
    Moi, je n’ai joué qu’au minigolf jusqu’à présent, pas pareil! 😀

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