Comics… encore.

21.21.2005 @ 21:36:13 | Midori  |   français

As usually, some webcomics to add to your reading lists. Not especially new in terms of longevity, but new as in not already presented here.

  • Gashapon Shop (, A gashapon is a cent capsule toy you find in distributors for a few francs, when turning the handle. In Europe, you will get “sticky hands”, miniatures of Smurfs, Pokémons, …. This webcomic is about Rainee, who manages a shop specialised in mangas, games, and especially Gashapon.
  • The Seraph Inn (, Very beautiful (graphically) webcomic with elves, beastmen, humans, …. a “must be seen” for the design.
  • Adventurers comics (, while the first drawings are somehow… awfull, it pays to go on for the story (rpgs parody). And, if you read RPG world, there was a “cross over”
  • School Daze (, School is a very dangerous place. Run for your life !!
  • User Friendly (, you think the technical helpline of your web provider is a strange place? You are right, you only need to read this webcomic to be sure of that.

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2 Responses to “Comics… encore.”

  1. Je n’ai lu qu’un petit bout du gashaponshop, mais je ne sais pas pourquoi, ça me plaît pas mal! 😉

  2. Héhé… j’ai reçu aujourd’hui mon volume 1 de Gashapon Shop en “relié”, dédicacé par l’auteur ^_^ *Midori range son cadeau, mesure de prudence…*

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