Lilian Jackson Braun

7.07.2005 @ 16:08:25 | Midori  |   français

Here are some detective storiess to change a bit. Contemporary stories, realism, no magic nor strang things. But.. two cats, Koko and Yum Yum

The cat who: (The Cat Who Could Read Backwards – The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern – The Cat Who Turned On and Off – The Cat Who Saw Red – …)

Jim Qwilleran, with a Qw, is a journalist who comes back from far away (alcohol, missed mariage, …) and the Daily Fluxion accepts to hire him, but for a subject that seems strange to him: Art. For him, who was a specialist of crime and headline news, it is not exactly what he was looking for, but he can not really refuse. He finds himself lodging by a strange detested art critic, and under the orders of a magnificient siamese cat, Kao Ko’Kung, usually called Koko. And what is more, there is a murder, and Jim, feeling concerned, decides to conduct an inquiry…


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