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31.31.2005 @ 01:16:57 | Midori  |   français

Some med-fan, but… with a twist, for these reading ideas. What is usually common, or even a weakness somewhere can be a strength somewhere else.

Spellsong Cycle: (The Soprano Sorceress – The Spellsong War – Darksong Rising – The Shadow Sorceress – Shadowsinger) Moved from Earth where she was an unknown Soprano (Kenthira, our thoughts to you…) in a world where she is a powerfull sorceress as all magic is song and music, Anna Marshall decides to try hard to help the realm where she arrived, and if possible not to get killed by powers of the place.

Recluce: (Magic of Recluce – Towers of Sunset – Magic Engineer – Order War – Death of Chaos – Fall of Angels – Chaos Balance – White Order – Colors of Chaos – Magi’i of Cyador – Scion of Cyador – Wellspring of Chaos – Ordermaster) Because of his lack of discipline, the young Lerris has to face a difficult choice, either exile himself definitively or pass a kind of initiatic test, the Dangergeld, one year of rather dangerous journey. But in fact he is good with magic, and a strange grey mage that will accompanny him during his journey will also be his guide for learning magic.

The Timegod: (The Timegod – Timediver’s Dawn) Loki has a very heavy genealogy: grandson of someone who was a hero, almost a god… He is also an inhanitant of the planet Query, and one for whom time travel is especially easy, a specialty of his race and of the strange inhabitants of Query. But he has misgiving… which is not really a good idea in his situation.

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