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3.03.2005 @ 21:32:31 | Midori  |   français

To go on, an author with elves (Yummy ^_^) on one side, but also department stores and knight on the other (O_o)

Shannara: (The Sword of Shannara – The Elfstones of Shannara – The Wishsong of Shannara – The Scions of Shannara – The Druid of Shannara – The Elf Queen of Shannara – The Talismans of Shannara – First King of Shannara – other titles were published or will be in this universe…) While the different races are voluntarily shunting eachother aside, eight adventurers of each races leave to the search for the only weapon which could make a difference in the battle against the absolute evil that threatens the world. Elves, dwarves, human, fairies, demons….

Landover: (Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold – The Black Unicorn – Wizard at Large – The Tangle Box – Witches’ Brew) Ben Holidays, lawyer, a successfull businessman, in his forties, a widower since a few months, decides to buy himself a Christmas Present from the catalogue of a well known deparetment store, he pays one million for a “Magic Kingdom” to which he journeys at once. Le only problem is that Landover’s Kingdom is in a dreadfull state, that all the last “true” king’s vassals refuse to swear him fealty, …

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  1. Le deuxième m’a l’air super sympa !! ^^ (comme ca, tu l’as, ton commentaire, Mido :p )

  2. 😛 Blague à part, j’ajoute la permière série (enfin une partie) au post A vendre…

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