C. S. Lewis

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More reading ! I just wanted to indicate that a movie based on the books will be ready for Christmas… (“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”)

The Chronicles of Narnia: (The Magician’s Nephew – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – The Horse and his Boy – Prince Caspian – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – The Silver Chair – The Last Battle) To reach the mysterious world of Narnia, where the lion Aslan is almost a god (and the White Witch his archenemi), there are various ways, but one can not use the same mean too often, and you have to be a child. And the flow of time is different, as the native creatures: talking animals, fantastic beings, stange creatures. Because the “Sons of Adam” and the “Daughters of Eve”, while legitimate kings and queens, are not originally from Narnia, they can go there, and sometimes must go away from there.

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  1. C’est ce Walt Disney bien sympa dont on a vu le trailer quand on a été voir Star Wars ? Coooool !! Faut qu’on aille le voir tiens…

  2. Oui madame… C’est bien ça. Et franchement, ça à l’air sympa. Mais j’ai dis et j’ai probablement raison: ils ont groupé les deux premiers pour le film, ou alors utilisé que le 2nd… ^^;

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