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This a special post of the Reading Ideas, since it is a presentation of some Webcomics. I listed those already presented (that explains the Search form on the blog…), and decided I would add a few more I read … regularly or not !

New Ones

  • Little Gamers, http://www.little-gamers.com/: speaks of Video Games, computers and what to do with it, news, video games, and…
  • Wapsi Square, http://www.wapsisquare.com/: A psychologico-socilogico-… err… comic webcomic ? Special but very nice.
  • Dan and Mab’s Furry adventures, http://www.missmab.com/: A furryies story (“cross” between furry animal like cats, and… humans), very funny, with many jokes about movies clichés (there is a dragon [yellow, ok, you can not have everything] that is veeeery cute !)
  • PvP Online, http://www.pvponline.com/: Another webcomic about viedo games, but especially funny about girls and gaming, mmorpgs, …
  • Unspeakable Vault of Doom and Hello Cthulhu, http://www.macguff.fr/goomi/unspeakable/vvlast.html et http://www.hello-cthulhu.com/: Knowing Cthulhu helps a lot. Imagine: the ancient onesm their lives, their everyday, … It is People F’taghn version. And for the second one, what should I say ? Take Hello Kitty, Call of Cthulhu, stir well and serve cold.
  • Something Positive, http://www.somethingpositive.net: a meeeeellow cat, characters with very strange ideas, awfull jobs, a very good webcomic, but not for sensible souls.
  • The Bunny, http://www.frozenreality.co.uk/comic/bunny/: The Bunny, in all and every situation (even absurd ones) possible or imagined. You keep finding movies, art or reading references, and jokes, visual and / or linguistics puns…
  • Order of the Stick, http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/GiantITP/ootscript: You like P&P rpgs ? D&D ? … follow the story of a group of adventurers each more mad than the next, and everything drawn in “wire” style (like the Saint in the opening of the serie, that is)
  • Nodwick, http://archive.gamespy.com/comics/nodwick/gamespyarchive/newnodwick.html: The famous Nodwick, with the warrior, the magician, the cleric (Piffany, that is), and especially Nodwick, the Henchman / everything man / canon fodder / ….
  • Full Frontal Nerdity, http://archive.gamespy.com/comics/nodwick/ffn/ffn.htm: What to say ? Three… well, two gamers, a Dungeon Master, one “via webcam”-gamer (so, a webcam) and P&P Rpgs…
  • Abby’s Agency, http://www.abbysagency.us/: Did you immagin all the secret services like in James Bond movies ? Strass, glitters, tuxedos, … ? Follow a young lady in her new job: desk clerk of a very secret agency, “World leader in Intelligence Gathering and analysis” !
  • Catharsis, http://www.catharsiscomic.com/: a woman, a squirrel… and a dragon ! (no, I have no obsession…)

Already presented

That should be enough for a while… 😉

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  1. Woot plein de webcomics^^ Vais tester tout ca^^

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