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Second episode of the reading ideas

The Abhorsen Trilogy: (Sabriel – Lirael – Abhorsen, and recently a short Novel, The Creature in the Case) In this serie, we travel through Ancelstierre, that look likes any european or north american country on a technological level, … and in the “Old Kingdom”, where technology does not work, free magic creature move without difficulty, and people are better protect by their Charter Mark, linked to Charter Magic, than by guns or other weapons of Ancelstier. The Abhorsen is a magician who choosed to serve life and Charter Magic, while using Frre Magic and knowledge of Death and its realms. But the last one disapeared… Sabriel, his only child will have to work in his stead without having all the necessary information.

The Keys to the Kingdom: (already published: Mister Monday – Grim Tuesday – Drowned Wedneday – Sir Thursday) Arthur Penhaligon was supposed to die of his asthma crisis after having signed for inheriting of the kingdom keys as well as his own will giving the said keys to Mister Monday. But as it did not happen so, Mister Monday released on his world a terrible creature. Arthur must go in the world of Mister Monday, get the key back as rightful heir, and also the Will.
Volumes concerning Friday to Sunday have not been published yet.

Seventh Tower: (The Fall – Castle – Aenir – Above The Veil- Into Battle – The Violet Keystone) the story of a young man named Tal, who lives in the Dark World, in a very high castle on the top of a mountain. He thinks everything will stay as it is forever. Which is true until he tries to steal a precious stone.

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